"Number" is a generative art series consisting of 0 to 10,000, ingeniously blending numbers with people's emotional connections to them.

As a young artist, I collected my first domain featuring the number "8" as its theme when I was 17. From that moment, I fell deeply in love with number and discovered my genuine connection with art. Over the past two years, I have been dedicated to creating art pieces related to the number theme.

I firmly believe that an outstanding work is not only a fusion of form and concept but also possesses the cultural value that transcends time. Number, as a symbol of the early NFT culture, endows each PFP piece with a unique Number. Number not only represents our identity but also records the fascinating history of NFTs.

In different cultural backgrounds, people's affection for numbers varies, and the numbers they adore differ as well. The combination of numbers and art may very well give birth to a whole new trend.

Number in the real world is closely linked to the initial memory of childhood numbers must be the beginning of enlightenment, the creation of this original digital art from Crypto to explore, through the industry's financial trading characteristics, nature and the K line becomes the most familiar picture, let us in Cyrpto constantly record every crypto line of growth against the trend of forgetting the picture, and even look through more of the market! History. That is to say, it is the starting point of intermingling with the K-line theme to create.

Secondly, regarding the image of animals in digital aesthetics, the ox as an oriental culture aspires to more and more courageous, through the interpretation of subculture interpretation over. On behalf of the Cyrpto industry's prosperity, symbolizing the industry's visionary prediction in the future, the bull! It implies that people in the real world have full of expectations and outlook.

Ingenious application of K-line, digital symbols, animal characteristics combined with the artistic blend of digital algorithms to give birth to a set of aesthetic symbols attributed to Number, hoping that through the blockchain technology, so that everyone can have an individual memory of the number of symbols. Of course, it is more worthwhile as a lifelong auspicious digital identity, permanent companion, so that more people around the world to participate in the establishment of life and culture about digital aesthetics.

Although it may face the misunderstanding of the majority, it is not a symbol of conceptual failure, but rather a sign of standing at the forefront of something. I hope this series can inspire people's passion for numbers and reveal the profound connotations behind them through art. Let us jointly appreciate the charm of "Number" and explore the infinite possibilities between numbers and art.






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