Ode to Untitled

"Ode to Untitled" is a culmination of inspiration from the color field and minimalist painters of the 20th century. While my medium has changed from disc golf discs, to canvas, to digital canvas, to digital photography, and finally to code editor - the inspiration and output has remained abstract. Seeing the works of Clyfford Still, Morris Louis, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, and Kenneth Noland (among others - hi Roy) seeded my desire to create visual art.

What many of these artists have in common, sometimes for differing reasons, was a fondness for naming their works "Untitled". Clyfford Still was entirely dedicated to this practice, while others came and went. When other titles were used, often they were nondescript cataloging values or a rote description of the colors or shapes found in the work. And, of course, abstract art history in general, and our current day, is littered with "Untitled" works. Whether a desire to leave interpretation open to the viewer, not wanting to sully their visual work with words, a dedication to minimalism, or laziness - it's all fine with me.

While "Ode to Untitled" is not a direct reflection of any particular works, you will see influences shining through: zips of color streaking across the canvas, an appreciation of the simple square and grids, a focus on texture, large fields of color, and a love of minimalism. This one goes out to all the "Untitled" works.

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