In the spirit of pushing forward the narrative of web3 interoperability & importance of on-chain NFTs, we have created the OnChainChain. The OnChainChain is a whimsical high end piece of metaverse fashion that exemplifies the owner’s understanding of these important fundamental constructs. A wide variety of chains, totems & accessories designed by Miguelgarest result in unique & prominent wearable chains.

OnChainChains are standalone pieces of art that also provide the collector with the ability to wear it across multiple NFTs & platforms. The ability to wear the same OnChainChain everywhere allows the user to become recognizable even while changing avatars across the metaverse. Currently the OnChainChain is supported by several prominent projects and platforms with the intention of continued expansion.

-Press “b” to change the background color -Press “z” and “x” to zoom -Press “Space” to pause -Press “s” to save the .vox file

*The script includes a modified version of vox.js (initially published by daishi_hmr and dev7.jp in 2015-2016, licensed under MIT)






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