In the contemporary era, the overwhelming inundation of information and data is a ubiquitous and pervasive reality. This saturation is often accompanied by a sense of disorientation and fragmentation, making it challenging to extract meaningful and valuable insights. As humanity progresses and evolves, this gap between our biological, cognitive, and perceptual capacities and the rapid advancements of our digital world becomes increasingly significant.

Infinity, chaos, complexity, self-reproducibility, coherence, and layering are epithets that apply to this work.

This artwork seeks to capture the complexity and chaos of our digital existence, utilizing various visual techniques to convey its message. Layering and fragmentation visually depict the scattered and fragmented nature of our digital lives, with each layer representing a different unit of information. This fragmentation is further underscored by the grid of "transport" lines that permeate the canvas, symbolizing the interconnected networks and corporations that seek to control and manipulate our attention. Despite the strict rules governing the forms in the artwork, the overall effect is one of chaos and impending tragedy. This tension between order and disorder is a recurring theme, conveying that we are on the brink of losing control and being consumed by information overload. The visual elements of the artwork convey a "technological coldness" and emotionlessness, reflecting the detachment that can result from our immersion in the digital realm. Some of the elements are unfocused, which creates the effect of discomfort and the inability to concentrate and embrace all the available space at once. A kind of frame is the "traces" of data gathering toward the center - in our minds - and intertwining into an endless tangle of something massive and noisy but with no precise shape.

To reinforce the concept, I placed an infinite rotation of all the layers used in the art behind the main canvas. They alternate at great speed, constantly changing their "compression" and background, symbolizing the endless flow of digital information overwhelming our consciousness.

Through its visual elements and composition, the artwork urges us to reflect on our collective responsibility to engage with technology more ethically and thoughtfully. It reminds us that while technology can offer many opportunities and benefits, it also significantly challenges our values and ethics. In this sense, the artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a balance between technological progress and human values.

I used many techniques to create this art. Because of the large number of generated elements and big canvas size, it takes quite a long time to make, "overloading" your device and then entirely using its resources, which is also part of the concept.

This art is static until you touch it. You can use the mouse wheel to examine the details, and you can also drag the surface of the art. Also, this art is created in two parts. Behind it is an infinite rotation of the layers used in it.


Mouse wheel: zoom in/out Mouse click, hold and move: drag the static part Mouse double-click: reset (go static) Press 's' to save the image


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