PRIMAL delves into the core of human nature, drawing inspiration from the symbols, landscapes, tribes, and experiences that have shaped our collective history – offering a contemporary visual interpretation of the origins of these fundamental elements.

This generative series finds inspiration in the earliest forms of communication and artistic expression, mirroring the ineffable awareness of our world that first set our species apart, and remains at the core of our reality today. The works hark back to the instinctual beginnings of visual art, from the hand markings on cave walls to the rudimentary creative objects of ancient cultures. These seemingly abstract expressions represent the indelible spark of our early consciousness, bridging the gap between times and places, and revealing our true nature.

The works in PRIMAL translate the raw, profound, brutal, yet pure evolutionary symbols of anthropological history into gestural markings, endless shapes, vibrant bursts of vitality, and celebrations of our cultural fabric, woven since time immemorial. With a visual language that intimately connects with the origins of our existence, this series embodies the shared tribal roots of humanity. It encapsulates the primal yearning to connect, to belong, and, above all, to experience the essence of being human.


TENDER x David Seven September 2023

PRIMAL is a generative art series created with code (in Python and GLSL) by David Seven in collaboration with Adam Berninger of Tender. For more background, theory, and details on PRIMAL, including explanation of the creative attributes in this series, please visit https://medium.com/@division7.art/primal-488256b99243

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