Public Art

"Public Art" is a generative art piece with a concept of exploring new histories in art. As demonstrated in 0xhaiku's previous work, "Receipt," the transaction information engraved on receipts suggests that new art finds value in the record of transactions, connecting you to the art. In this work, a color palette inspired by Vermeer, Hokusai and others is used to generate tiles with a generative oil painting-like touch. This symbolizes history, expressing the hope that new art will truly become "public" through the changes and transitions of history.

Tiles The tiles are simulated based on inspiration from the actual streets of Omotesando in Tokyo. The color palette incorporates colors inspired by the floors in Vermeer's paintings, ukiyo-e, and others. The oil painting-like strokes are generated using generative techniques, giving each tile its unique charm.

2D Canvas This work is drawn using only a 2D canvas, without the use of libraries. 3D representation is not utilized. Since 0xhaiku's previous work "Receipt," they have been fascinated by the allure of wrinkles and shadows, and "Public Art" serves as a study in creating the illusion of three-dimensionality on flat surfaces using generative noise.

Receipt The receipt includes information on the Seed generated by ArtBlocksEngine at the time of the transaction, as well as token-specific elements. At the BrightMoment event in Japan, physical receipts with similar information printed on them will be distributed. 0xhaiku values the idea that everyone can participate in new art without relying on authority and has chosen the motif of everyday street receipts.

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