Pulse of Expression

This new generative art series is a fusion of the vibrant energy of Japanese culture and the bold, geometric style of the Delaunay couple. Each piece in the series is created using complex algorithms and programming techniques, resulting in a unique and dynamic work of art.

The series features a range of colors and patterns that are inspired by my recent travels in Japan. I've incorporated colors I’ve taken from pictures and worked on the artistic tool I’ve created: https://twitter.com/MathisBiabiany/status/1634220714076110848 in order to tweak palettes and result on adding my own unique twist with bold, modern colors and geometric shapes.

Incoming is a technically advanced project that incorporates cutting-edge web development techniques. Using WebGL and shaders, I've created a series of works that generate persistent, vibrant colors and patterns using GPGPU (general-purpose computing on graphics processing units) techniques. To achieve this, I've used several frame buffer objects in my programming, in order to store and manipulate pixels in real-time. This enables me to create complex, dynamic patterns that shift and change as the browser renders the piece during each frame. In addition, I've used canvas 2D to create masks that allow me to create geometric patterns as a mask for the final composition in WebGL. This technique gives me more control over the final image, allowing me to create intricate and detailed patterns that are matching with the overall composition.

The goal was to reach a bold and colorful style of painting and incorporate it into my generative art, creating pieces that are both dynamic and harmonious. The vibrant colors and patterns represent the dynamism and energy of life itself. They symbolize the diversity and richness of human experience, and the potential for growth and change that lies within all of us. At the same time, my use of bold, contrasting colors and strong lines represents the challenges and responsibilities that we must face in life. These challenges can take many forms - from personal struggles to societal issues - but the idea is to emphasize the importance of facing them head-on and embracing our duties as members of the global community. I don’t know if I managed to do it but it is, at least, what I’ve tried to achieve.

You have the possibility to export your piece in live view:

  • Press the touch ➁ to export in 2k.
  • Press the touch ➃ to export in 4k (the export might not working related to your graphic card).

It is also my pleasure to offer you a 30% discount on printing, with the option of framing, and the possibility to have your piece delivered in different formats, namely 'A4 - A3 - A2 - A1 - A0'. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@MathisBiabiany) so that I can retrieve the hash of your iteration. More information and examples are available at 'https://arts-mb.com'.






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