Quantum Collapses

The Quantum Collapses project is at the intersection of art, science, and technology. It is an ever-evolving, interactive journey in the Hilbert space, where quantum states live. The richness and mysteries of this space remind our unconscious mind.

25 years of passionate scientific research in the field of quantum optics led to this work as a tribute to the magic of quantum physics and the forthcoming quantum digital era.

Abstract expressionist paintings often depict imagined forms beyond the visible world. They emphasize free, spontaneous, and emotional expression of the artist, while Quantum Collapses aims to explore the unconscious mind and personal emotions of the viewer. During our artistic research, we found out the Hilbert space is populated by a variety of weird creatures, ghosts, landscapes... How they are perceived is purely a reflection of ourselves.

Each quantum superposition evolves in time, generating an unlimited flow of new shapes (no loop). You may interact with them in different ways, but doing so, according to the laws of quantum theory, will cause their collapse. Once you press [m], stay quiet if you don't wish to collapse them all. New artworks emerge from the interplay between the user, unitary evolution, and quantum randomness.

A LIVING ARTWORK Quantum Collapses will undergo some evolutionary steps. At some point, all the outputs will display new animations on monthly basis. However, we believe in the power and beauty of memories and of history. It will always be possible to retrieve previous animations.

NOTES The owners of the first 32 editions, minted after unpausing, can receive up to four additional signed prints of new images or grids of their edition chosen by them. Details can be found on the project website.

CONTROLS: [mouse click]: Clicking on the shapes cause their collapse/reset [mouse click]: Clicking on background toggles play/pause [long press]: Hold mouse button down to reset all [space] or [p]: Play/Pause [i]: Reset all [s]: Screenshot [m]: Activates the microphone to enable interaction by sound






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