Recollection is released as part of reGEN, a special charitable auction of generative art to raise funds for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, curated by Alex Estorick and Foteini Valeonti in collaboration with The Giving Block. It is curious how our memories can mislead. I vividly recall a childhood trek up Mt. Fuji with my parents through a foggy bamboo forest, and the image of my dad buying a walking stick from an older vendor. But as my mom later clarified, the adventure actually took place in a Tokyo park –– I’ve never even visited Fuji-san. Contemplating this blend of the real and the imagined has led me to create generative vistas whose clarity is eroded by the passing of time. The landscapes in Recollection are understated and familiar: rolling hills, distant mountains, and sporadic clusters of trees or forests. There is a path through grass and stone –– sometimes clear but, at other times, overgrown and obscure. Many of these paths culminate at a portal, its purpose enigmatic. It is pure mystery, both inviting and unsettling. It is an obscuring void, a memory half-recalled. Recollection is a meditation on the mysteries of the mind, and a tribute to the quest for understanding. It stands not only as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the disintegration of memory, but also a testament to the enduring pursuit of clarity in the midst of obscurity. While some details may fade with time, the essence — the emotions, the lessons, the significance — has the potential to regenerate through reflection, conversation, and creative expression. Recollection is part of the reGEN initiative for Alzheimer’s research. For many, this cause is deeply personal and, I believe, it is no exaggeration to say that almost everyone has witnessed the effects of Alzheimer’s, be it within their own family or through friends. This project not only creates funding but also plays a pivotal role in amplifying awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The opportunity to merge the joy of artistic expression with a mission that has tangible, real-world implications is profoundly inspiring.






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