Rippling is a generative algorithm that recreates the impression of a raining day. It is a research for the balance between order and chaos. It is also a journey through time and light. Each token represents a different moment and space, creating a unique composition.

I took great inspiration from Impressionism, focusing on capturing the light of a moment. The highlights of the ripples are calculated with a simulated 3D water surface combined with a directional light in order to achieve the realistic look of the reflection. The result of this then serves as a base for laying the strokes on the canvas. Light plays an important role in our memory. Through the light and the colour we travel back to different moments and places in our memory.

The colouring of Rippling is inspired by the 24 solar terms of the Traditional Chinese Calendar. Each term represents a different period in the year. Rippling uses these terms to represent not only the time but also the memories of the season.

Growing up on a subtropical island, rain was a big part of my childhood. I can vividly recall those heavy showers in the afternoon of the summer. It washed out the agitating heat and calmed the world. With Rippling, I'm seeking to use a generative algorithm to recreate the feeling of a rainy day or night at different moments. And perhaps, it could remind you of the sound of the rain drops, the scent of the dirt after the rain or that moment the sunset peek through the heavy cloud ...






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