“Friend or foe, we may never know”

When I was a kid I was obsessed with E.T. ... I think it was the prospect of what is out there... the unknown breaking into our world...

“Shields” is a long-form generative art project, inspired the mystery and wonder of extraterrestrial life. Using generative algorithms like circle packing and collision checks, “Shields” generates compositions that explore the unknown and the infinite possibilities of the universe. The outputs invite contemplation on humanity's place in the cosmos and the possibilities of intelligent life beyond Earth.

“Shields” also draws artistic inspiration from early 20th century sci-fi magazines such as “Amazing Stories”, short stories like “A Colour Out of Space” by Lovecraft and retro scientific schematics.

This long form series was created out of one of my previous 1/1 works titled “Shields Up” released in January 2022.

Recommended to plot on 9"x12" smooth paper using 0.3mm gel pens, however, feel free to experiment!






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