“As we paint we move along step by step. We realize that we are guided in our work by awareness of life.” ― Agnes Martin, 1979

Steps is an invitation to slow down in order to explore a subtler dimension of reality, where we can transcend our human nature, where two successive moments are never exactly the same, where we continually feel held and supported, and where each step, even if insignificant in appearance, can reveal unbounded peace.

Interaction Click or Tap or Space key: Pause / Unpause animation

Prints The first 50 editions minted will come with a free signed print of the token at the size you choose among the 3 available (8.5” x 11”, 13” x 17” or 17” x 22”). All token holders will be able to purchase a signed print of the Steps mint they currently own. For non-holders, a curated selection of unsigned prints outside of the minted set will be available. More information on prints can be found here.

Thanks To my dear mother Colette, for taking me to art exhibitions at a young age and developing my enthusiasm & curiosity for visual art. To my friend Patricio, for sharing his talent, experience and knowledge with such generosity. To the Art Blocks team, for believing in this project and creating community & opportunities for artists.






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