Structures is an abstract generative art project drawn entirely with dots.

About project development:

In generative art, I like to experiment and test sometimes improbable things (which was the case for this project).

Structures is a very special project that was born from this experimentation, in this case, the merger of two discrete projects I was working on.

When I was working on the first version of Structures, even after a long development I was not completely satisfied with the result, and ended up putting the project aside to try to find a way to finish sometime in the future.

I then started another, more abstract, project (with various shapes, triangles, circles, grids of rectangles, etc.), that really had nothing obvious in common with Structures. But, ultimately, this project too, alone, was not enough.

And then one day I wondered how these projects might inform each other, and worked to make Structures more abstract. I honestly had no expectations of success, but nevertheless worked to merge the codes of the discrete projects just to see what it would yield.

I was pleasantly surprised by the result, and then continued to iterate this new hybrid version until finally arriving with what you see here.

Each variation generated by Structures is drawn using only dots. It is the complex algorithm of the project that determines the position, size, color, etc. of each dot through approximately 1,500,000 to 40,000,000 random decisions based on the hash of the mint and draws approximately 350,000 to 10,000,000 dots based on these random decisions.

In live mode:

  • click during the animation = animation pause
  • click at the end of the animation = display of the number of dots drawn

Made with ❤️, code and p5js.






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