"THIS ART IS ILLEGAL!" presents a bold critique of intellectual property norms and laws through an engaging blend of artistic and mathematical elements derived from an infinite series of concatenated digits that will, with time, encode every arbitrary finite sequence of characters and pixels, including ones deemed illegal for various reason by those in authority.

The series uses a dynamic visual grid of rectangles, ellipses, and stars to create evolving patterns, reflecting a blend of order and chaos; and is intended as a sort of artistic homage to Jorge Luis Borges's Library of Babylon.

Beyond the in-the-moment algorithmic organization, each work evolves over time, not from human interaction, but from the inexorable passage of time and the methodical progression of the numbers in each work's infinite series. The result is an experience that is not static but in perpetual flux and resumable, but not restartable, thereby guaranteeing short, medium, and long-term visual progression into an unbounded future.

"THIS ART IS ILLEGAL!" is a resonant response to the rapidly shifting landscape of technology that is radically expanding the boundaries of human creative expression and the reflexive authoritarian responses it inspires among the masses. It eagerly implicates itself as leaning into the uncertain, the precarious, and the illicit, pulsating in defiance of the contemporary world and its long-standing obsession with restricting, subjugating, and criminalizing the uncontrollable.






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