Through this work, I want the viewer to feel the different beauty that can be discovered by looking at one world from different perspectives.

This work offers a small, single world like a box garden composed of various three-dimensional objects. The objects that make up this world do not collide with each other. When viewing this world from three different angles, the viewer discovers a completely different visual interest. Initially, the viewpoint is from an angle, then from a horizontal viewpoint directly beside it, and finally from a viewpoint directly above it. These three-dimensional objects appear to be arranged in a disarray, but when viewed from directly above, they are found to be laid out on a flat surface without overlapping each other. The orderliness of the flat surface, the clutter with different heights, sizes, and colors, and the pulsating motion of each object express a pleasing balance between cosmos and chaos.

The first step was to figure out how to pack polygons on a plane. After laying out any number of triangles, squares, pentagons, etc., according to the algorithm, I stood them up in the three-dimensional direction and added a wavy movement in response to the noise. Careful attention was paid to the balance between the tidy state and the disjointed appearance.

A viewer can see a unique world, which can be viewed from three different angles (by pushing up arrow key or down arrow key) and experience the beauty of a world from different angles. Additionally, you can zoom in to see more details or zoom out to see the whole picture (by pushing space key).

*How to interact:

  • Up or down arrow key: Change angle of viewpoint
  • Right or left arrow key: Change direction of rotation or stop
  • Space key: Zoom in or out
  • Click or tap: Randomly change angle and zoom

I believe I was able to express the beauty and interest of the combination of simple shapes. The WEBGL-based system enables light 3D movement, the packing algorithm shows the beauty of alignment, and the line-based three-dimensional objects give the texture of fine line drawings.






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