Vahria is an inquiry into the breaking points between two and three dimensions. Using spheres I attempt to create a tension between flatness and depth. Regular bodies become distorted blobs and circles. Occasionally, triangles are revealed, which are fundamental units in computer graphics.

The project is also a playful comment on constructivism and its dominance as a visual style in current generative art NFTs. In Vahria, I take the deconstructivist approach, favouring fragmented volumes, asymmetries and skewness, over linear forms, straight lines and right angles.

It is strongly encouraged to see the pieces on full screen. Otherwise, details of the renders are missed. You can export high-resolution images of the mints to disk by clicking on the artwork and pressing one of the following keys:

[1] : Full HD resolution (1440x1920) [2]: 4K resolution (2880x3840) [3]: 6k Resolution (4320x5760)






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