Aesthethic and sounds of "Vendaval" is about the Wind, it means "Windstorm" or "Strong Wind" in Portuguese. In Brazil many houses use Wind Bells as decoration and for the relaxing song. So when the wind blows it plays totally randomly songs using the notes that are pre-defined in each tube, or bamboo.

Vendaval is a work that mix Particle System in the visual and Generative Music. The user can interact by clicking in the work at any "tempo", each click will randomize a combination of notes, forming chords on oscilators.

The music works with 2 oscilators wich "Oscilator A": randomizes frequencies (HZ) from 1hz to 200hz, and "Oscilator B" randomizes from 400hz to 1000hz, for each possible variable. So the viewer can interact with the work by helping creating the song in their own "tempo" if you click faster it will be played faster....

-Press "S" key to save a high quality .png file of the work.

Created with noise algorythms and only points. 10 palletes, and some other attributes to ensure the variations will look very different one of each other.






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