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Democracity is inspired by the diorama of the same name at the 1939 New York World's Fair which depicted a utopian city of the future. This piece satirizes the concept showing that the optimism of the 1930's did not account for the problems of the future brought about by climate change such as flooding. This piece is fully interactive with the best way to experience it being to explore and try to understand the stories that the different city layouts are trying to tell you. Note the cities are tileable meaning you can easily edit them together visually (Example: Controls: Click & drag to pan, Scroll wheel to zoom in and out, "c" - Change camera mode, "r" - Reset camera positioning, "p" - Toggle auto-pan, "z" - Zoomed out view, "t" - Toggle background transparency, 1-4 - Change detail level.

library: threejs

license: NIFTY



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