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Rituals - Venice
Aaron Penne x Boreta
1000 of 1000 minted

Rituals combines generative music and generative artwork to create 1000 unique windows into a singular parametric universe. The music and art are crafted to infinitely evolve, giving collectors a subtly new experience upon each viewing. If left running, a single Ritual will continue generating music and art without repeating for ~9 million years. We invite you to hold space for yourself and enjoy a moment of mindful stillness. The first 200 were minted IRL in Venice, CA, USA in September 2021. Best experienced on modern equipment. Click to start. Artwork by Aaron Penne (@aaronpenne), music by Boreta (@boreta), music system produced by Counterpoint (

library: tonejs

license: CC BY-NC 4.0



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