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FOCUS is a 1000 image meditation, and it is my second release of Zen-inspired generative art, following Ensō.

It’s meant to be played with through its interactivity,* and I hope it challenges viewers through its various portrayals of space and its creation of perceptual phenomena. Additionally, FOCUS can be a meditation in itself for anyone who attempts to recreate an output manually.

This project relies on small sets of consistent shapes, colors, and ratios, helping the outputs to remain cohesive. However, with millions of major trait combinations, the outputs are varied and surprising.

*Interactive features: use up or down arrows to adjust the background pattern's recursion, and left or right arrows to adjust the number of midpoints along the sides of the background pattern. Use ‘h’ to hide or show the central shape, and ‘s’ to save an image. To use the token's hash to 'autoplay' the token, use Matto's FOCUS animator.

FOCUS is best viewed live and full screen.

collection: factory

library: p5js

license: CC BY-NC 4.0

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