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Devi Parikh
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Cushions brings together image processing and generative art techniques. The latter provides the geometric structure, and the former creates the organic shapes. Every single pixel and its connectedness to other pixels are explicitly considered. Inspiration for the palettes ranges from digital illustrations and pastels to a nod to renowned artists and different ethnicities. The organic shapes and the textures within symbolize the beauty in our individual oddities. Some pieces evoke the semblance of fantastical dreams in starry nights. Some of the comfort and familiarity of home. Some of nostalgia and long-lost friends. Some of reasonable and grounded perspectives. Some of sparks, some of style, some of strength, and some of passion. Some of candy. Some of pop art. Some of modern interior design. And some of traditional Indian cushions, known as Takiya.

library: p5js

license: CC BY-NC 4.0

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