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Synesthesia #27

Synesthesia is the audiovisual creation of electronic dance musician, PLS&TY. PLS&TY is burgeoning into the electronic dance music scene with his unique sound: languid bass, captivating vocals and enough upbeat melodies to make anybody feel good. His music has amassed over 100 million listens across streaming platforms, and has been placed in nationally airing television commercials, including a Hershey's Chocolate campaign which has been viewed over 1 BILLION times. Synesthesia visually proffers a mandala-like effect, in sequence with blissful audio notes & tones over fluctuating scales & octaves, generated entirely at random. Secret tip: Scale the artwork to become larger or smaller to affect the visual output.

license: CC BY-ND 2.0

owned by: 0xde0701

library: p5js

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