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Galaxiss #99

As the first on chain generative planets, I present my Galaxiss project. Each planet uses several layers of complex noises to generate nearly infinite variations of terrain, shapes, and biomes. Check out the lost airplane that has been signaled flying around and if you're lucky you might even catch another surprise chopper! Collect planets and build the Galaxiss of your dream! p/h: attach to airplane/chopper - n: toggle night mode (if available) - digit keys left to right on the keyboard (1, 2, 3, [...], 9, 0): change resolution (1 being the minimum and 0 the maximum) - space bar: pause/unpause the world - pinch to zoom (on smartphones) - triple fingers touch: switch between vehicles (on smartphones)

license: CC BY-NC 4.0

owned by: 0x907f9a

library: threejs

Pleasant palette
6 clouds
art blocks
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