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Fernando Jerez
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Nine factions populate the virtual space. While Utopians develop the main net, the others work on their nodes building an economy system over the secondary chains. Each station is focusing on one activity but there’s some dangers out there: Scammers and Hackers trying to survive doing obscure things. There are also some drafts and blueprints of stations waiting for a faction to buy and build them. Who knows what its final purpose will be.

This project plays with procedural architectonic structures. I’m using a sci-fi style to present a virtual world populated by space station-like structures.

Use Mouse to Control the Camera. Click: Stop Rotation. Double Click: Reset Auto Rotation. Press Any Key to Change Background Mode. Space -> Stripped -> Fog -> Transparent

library: threejs

license: CC BY 4.0 Attribution required. Free to share, adapt or use commercially

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