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Attraction #22

About Attraction


"Attraction" is a system that draws single pixels, one by one, according to a set of rules inspired by the 'Chaos Game'. Additionally, trigonometric functions may be used to displace pixels, resulting in wave patterns.

All unique properties of each artwork are defined by the token's hash. This hash will set all the parameters: the color palette, the positioning of objects and the rules by which pixels are drawn.

By the nature of this system, several well known patterns from computing and math may appear in the artworks.

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Jos Vromans

Passionate about mathematics, generative art and programming. My work emerges from experimenting with code. Everything I've ever made, is made from scratch, so I have to investigate and understand every part of every algorithm I use. This leads to many code experiments on a low level, where I try to change and customize every part of the code that I can imagine. When I hit results that blow my own mind, I will investigate more in that direction, and craft unique artworks.

Algorithmic edition of 444
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