Since first encountering Lissajous curves on an oscilloscope in the mid-2000s, I have been fascinated by the intricate patterns and structures that emerge from one of the most fundamental curves in mathematics, the sine curve. Lissajous curves are a family of complex, looping shapes formed by the intersection of two sine waves. This fascination inspired me to create this generative art project entitled "Lissajous," where I have experimented extensively with these curves as primitive shapes to craft a diverse range of images showcasing their beauty and complexity. By adjusting the frequency, phase shift, and amplitude of the parametric equations, it is possible to create unique and mesmerizing patterns.

Over the years, I have explored various ways to bring these images to life. Some have been transformed into physical prints, utilizing techniques such as intaglio printing, cyanotypes, and various other printmaking methods, while others have been realized as digital monoprints. This iteration of the project features carefully curated color palettes and themes designed specifically with the AxiDraw plotter in mind. Each piece in the collection allows for customization, providing the opportunity to choose from different base colors and select the pen and paper that best fits the holder's individual taste.

Suggestions for Plotting - Paper and Pens

Black paper:

  • Fabriano Black Pad, 11.75" x 16.5"

Best pens for black paper:

  • SAKURA - Gelly Roll
  • Posca PC-1MR Metallic Pink Colour Paint Marker (Archival)

White Paper:

  • BFK Rives Blanc
  • Somerset Satin Soft White

Pens for white paper:

  • Triplus Fineliner Superfine
  • WHSmith Drawing Pens Pigment Ink (Archival)
  • STABILO point 88 Fineliner
  • BIC Cristal

Any of the pens suggested for black paper will also work on the white paper, but the black paper requires pens with opaque inks.


Signed prints will be available to any token holder interested in purchasing one. Please reach out to me on Discord or Twitter, I will be happy to take into account any customizations or requests before plotting the piece with my AxiDraw.






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