Scratch is a Zen-inspired generative art project that explores the captivating patterns that sanding discs create on metal surfaces. The digital artworks can be pen-plotted at any scale, and an alternate physical output can be created on sheets of metal using CNC machines.

Interactivity: 'S' saves the SVG. 'C' previews the CNC paths. 'E' exports the CNC paths. 'H' hides the signature stamp.

Plotter Notes: To replicate the density of the digital image, choose a pen for the main area of a Scratch that is 1/1000th the length of the sides of the plottable area. For the signature, a pen that is 2.6 times thicker than the one used for the main area is suggested. For instance, for a 10" square plot, a 0.25mm pen for the main image and a 0.65mm pen for the signature will closely mimic the density of the digital output. While bolder pens can create more visually striking images, denser Scratches plotted with thicker pens might require a heavier paper stock.

CNC Notes: Experienced CNC technicians can faithfully execute the outputs on 24" x 24" sheets of metal by using 1", 2", and 3" sanding discs and a 1/16" end mill. The choice of material and finish should be based on the specific characteristics of the Scratch output. If the Scratch output includes the 'Dark' feature, anodized aluminum or copper with a patina can be used. Clear coat the piece after machining to prevent tarnishing.






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