Life is an unpredictable journey, full of chaos that we can't always control. Whether it's on a personal level, with constantly evolving relationships, or on a larger scale, with natural disasters, pandemics, and wars that disrupt our lives, chaos is a constant companion. But chaos doesn't always have to be negative; it can also bring unexpected beauty and moments of clarity if we're willing to take a closer look.

For artists, chaos can be a powerful tool in creative expression. Long-form generative art is a unique way to incorporate randomness into artwork, allowing for the creation of a series of distinct pieces based on the same code. Seasky is an example of this, with its prominent display of the construction process, showcasing the creation of clouds that seek to dominate the scene. The interplay between light, clouds and sea adds depth and intrigue to the piece. As the scene evolves, the inclusion of noise on the horizon and soaring birds creates an emotive and captivating view.

Seasky was born from my exploration of the realm of chaos. As an artist, I love to experiment with generative art code, and during the creation of this collection, I discovered an unconventional method of creating clouds by layering objects at specific intervals. Pushing the limits of this technique, I found myself drawn to clouds that started to resemble painterly styles by 19th century masters such as JMW Turner and Gustave Courbet. For me, these styles emanated a sense of power and emotion that other constructs using this technique could not match. The introduction of the sea (itself inspired by impressionist techniques), and noise on the horizon, which interacts with the sky, results in a collection that showcases the beauty of chaos.

During my creation of Seasky, I also experimented with color. While I typically rely on generative randomized color rather than predefined palettes, for this collection, I imposed limits on greens and overall saturation levels to create a more natural feel. Despite this, I found that adding some unnatural reds, oranges, and blues contributed to the overall aesthetic, creating a fantastical element that enhances the collection in an unpredictable way.






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