SL/CE (slice)

This artwork explores Suprematism and generative composition, attempts to fill some gap between generated and constructed artworks. It achieves composition by slicing simple shapes into pieces by some rules and testing them against a "bad composition detector", then carefully selecting colors for shapes.


Each iteration starts with selecting the simplest figure (circle, square, rectangles, trapezoid), then shape is placed on the canvas according to specific rules, cut along one or more "slice lines", after which the parts can be shifted, rotated or removed. The process is repeated several times for several starting figures, after which the resulting composition is obtained. Then an "Bad composition detector" function comes into play, and if the composition is considered "bad", the pseudo-random composition process is repeated with partially different inputs until a "good composition" is obtained, according to this evaluation function.

Bad composition detector

Function that takes into account and evaluates the size of the figures individually, the total area occupied by the figures, distribution of the figures on the canvas, the balance of emptiness and fullness. All of these parameters are used to find those outcomes that seem to me to work poorly. It turns out there is a piece of me in this code.


Looking at images, you can often see something in them, this effect is close to pareidolia, sometimes images works well as profiles pictures, and I am very pleased that I was able to achieve this.


Each token is a unique generator with partially fixed parameters. Click or tap at the bottom half of image to generate a new image. Click or tap at the top half of image to toggle slideshow.






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