Woah La Coaster

Woah La Coaster is an exploration of simple yet emotive digital art. Each generative roller coaster aims to embody the same happy narrative that our inner child would experience at a summer carnival, surrounded by balloons in the daytime, beautiful skies in the afternoon, and glittering stars at night.

Inspired by visions of a wondrous childhood, background pallets are a pastel distillation of the best colors that a warm summer sky has to offer. Background elements, like hot air balloons, blimps and stars, utilise the vibrant primary colours that are found in the first box of pencils you would use as a child. The roller coaster itself harkens to a toy train set, carefully arranged on a fanciful track. These aspects merge into a single scene worthy of any kitchen fridge.

The owner of the NFT can acquire a set of four premium coasters with the unique artwork inscribed to enjoy a multi medium artwork. For more details visit blockwares.io.

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