Who am I?

Am I a series of pixels? Someone's creation? Or a product of nature's endless waves like you?

  imma, Japan's first virtual human, creates her first generative artwork "immprint" for Bright Moments. Created in collaboration with creative coder Misaki Nakano, "immprint" explores the topic of imma's virtual identity. What does identity mean to a virtual human? Using an original algorithm inspired by the Jacobi method used in Stable Fluids, the work examines the theme of the body as data and references motifs from brain scans to finger prints. "immprint" explores imma's own story: how she gained life from the pixels on our screen to her current existence that allows her to move between the virtual and physical worlds.  

About the collaborators:

imma is Japan’s first virtual human. Easily identifiable by her signature pink bob, when she first appeared on social media in 2018, she shocked audiences as they were not easily able to tell if she was virtual or real. Always collaborating with top artists and brands, her realness and authenticity in a world of unreal social media cemented her status as an exciting new voice for the future. imma is Asia’s No.1 most influential virtual human and her actions have led to her being selected one of the Women of the Year 2020 by Forbes Women published by Forbes Poland and star in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics closing ceremony. This is her first generative art project. Instagram / Twitter (JP) / Twitter (EN) / Discord / Opensea

Misaki Nakano

Misaki Nakano is a programmer and designer who creates visual arts with WebGL and develops interactive contents. She is also involved in R&D for webXR and physics simulations. Twitter(EN) / Twitter(JP)






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